There’s a chance we never will be, but on our way to a sustainable existence we want to inspire others to design earth created. Wearing a Holloway frame is empowering, it gives height to your soapbox. Our ambassadors embrace the movement and the story of awareness behind the brand travels with them on their journey. Frankly though, the time to react was yesterday. We now MUST think long term, restore and reuse what you can and query every piece of plastic you encounter. Although we share a collective awareness, mass manufacture is still popular and the truly devastating drawbacks aren’t publicised, after all, the current economic model needs mass activity to survive and rebuild. Australia however is unique and can sustain localized trade, so if you cant reuse what you have consider buying locally first and always design earth created.

Essentially we have a great respect for the planet and the process of protecting ourselves and each other within it. Holloway began as an evolution of our lifestyles within those nurturing environments where design from natural materials was originally child's play. We seek to maintain our existence with a better understanding of our impact and always act purposefully with tomorrow in mind.

Kind words from THE THOUSANDS 09.02.2012