Moments and journeys through nature.

Bulimba, Australia 2012 Submitted by Kristina Childs

Cornwall, UK Submitted by Jacob Stephen

Brisbane, Queensland AUSTRALIA Submitted by Andy Fitzsimon

Sagres, South of PORTUGAL Submitted by Benjamin Menouret

Sunset over Mt Warning AUSTRALIA 2012 Submitted by Mark Pelmore


Hiking through the Mt Glorious Rainforest is an incredible experience. Rock hopping timeworn lava to slurp on and swim in fresh mountain spring water as you climb higher into this ancient rainforest. This environment is truly powerful and inspirational. The deeper you trek the more you understand how nature rules and why it always should. We took a few snaps of this diverse and complex rainforest but it cannot compare to actually being immersed within it. A must do for anyone who ventures around this area; it will leave you humbled and recharged.


Thinking of all the amazing people we've been inspired by such as David Suzuki, Yvon Chouinard (Patagonia Founder), David Attenborough and the list goes on, the most aweinspiring human influence we have witnessed and aligned oursleves with is the people of Meghalaya. Deep within the Indian rainforest, tree roots are coached to grow across the raging river network sprawling throughout one of the wettest areas on the planet. Vines are hand wound through generations of Meghalayn's to match up with ancient trees on the opposite sides of the river. A single bridge can take more than a generation to grow so the design and nuturing techniques are imperative in the training of the tribes youth. A truly natural, effective and sustainabale approach!

The essence to our movement is creating whilst reducing. The impact from our creation of essential products for people, neutralising the effect of others who have gone before us. This is not just a means to create a profitable product but educate, inspire and drive humans to respect their planet and co-exist sustainably.