Predominantly we’re inspired by our home habitats, the Sunshine Coast surf and the rainforest of Mt Glorious. It’s within these raw environments where true design emerges and when studied carefully presents natural and transferrable resolve to man-made congestions. We seek out the simple answers first by reformatting the problem, usually to suit what we have on hand or can make jigs out of to keep our remanufacture moving. Holloway is an incubator for the restless minds of the creative compulsive. Nothing is ever locked in stone or hailed as “the” answer because we too, like nature are constantly evolving.

We're living in time of change where an abundance of inspiration is emanating from great minds and like minded organisations. Companies such as Patagonia and many boutique Australian designers are leading the way in encouraging everyone to take care and respect the planet. We're driven to change the way plastics and other low life-cycle value materials are viewed by the masses and inspire others to use their hands to set Australia as the world's inspiration for a sustainable existence.