ESSENTIAL DESIGN SUMMIT Queensland Museum x Holloway

To further develop the seed concept of Essential Design, incubated at Holloway, we produced a program to be presented at the Queensland Museum. The broadest, sophisticated and tactical minds of our immediate future assembled to explore the many facets of our design philosophy.

Essential design and it’s delivery to the people.

All systems and structures must rest in foundations. If we harness these controls and act on essential design requirements we can return earth to it’s harmonious and natural state. Our social and physical environments can be advanced, through devolution of the capitalist goals. Open source is the original design and is proving return as our saviour.

Stop working so hard for a reward you can’t take. The fundamentals are simple, earth, water, sunlight and they are all free. How did the model become so complex? There could be no more relevant time than now to turn to the original inhabitants for advice, the earths native people. In the pursuit of re-motivating this simplicity our charter has been also to limit the endangerment of those fundamentals, earth, water and sunlight. They are the foundations to be enjoyed freely and protected passionately.

Adoption of essential design begins on a personal level. Through accelerated theory and practical application an entire industry can be understood in a day. The rest of our complexities come from attempting to maximise profitability of the activity.

Simple utilisation of adaptive tools (the real single success of technology which promotes elevated innovation through responsible rapid prototyping) helps the practical application be absorbed as quickly and thoroughly as it should be. Essential design promotes intelligent designs. To our understanding, that is the true imperative.

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