de LORE courture x Holloway

de LORE couture x HOLLOWAY

For a good friend Andy and founder of de LORE couture we made a custom range of skate frames, the de LORE's. Released at Andy's launch party in West End at The Box the frames are designed by de LORE and made locally in our studio. All of Andy's pieces are crafted locally in Australia and New Zealand. As described by the designer,

"de LORE couture is committed to sustainability through quality organic materials and recycled vintage and antique fabrics. de Lore couture embraces our early French family heritage, dating back to 1396 when Ambroise de Loré was born at Château de Lore in Oisseau."

It's always a pleasure to work with artists and other compulsive creators who have inspirational vision and drive to keep creative control until the very end. Thanks for the good times de LORE couture.

Check the rest of Andy's vision at


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