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So it seems we have a new incubation to announce; recycled timber timepieces...

Designed, developed and manufactured in Brisbane this exclusive handmade series is undoubtedly gratifying. When we finished the prototype I had trouble leaving that night. It’s an addictive sensory experience, the touch, the smell, the look; everything combined makes you feel instinctively connected to the watch.

Over 20 different Australian timbers are featured, recycled from old wine barrels, maple classic car interiors, broken skateboards, expired surfboards and busted guitars to name a few. Reused kangaroo leather, emu’s foot and cane toad skin bands clasp the pieces convincingly. Glimpses of wrist can be seen through the exposed mechanical movement set between the fine mineral glass face and rear. This precious cargo is all held fast with aviation fixings on the immortal stainless steel chassis. It’s splash proof too, mostly to protect against jaw-dropped drooling admirers.

The crew at Holloway has been working alongside schools, universities, local groups and key ambassadors to re-ignite the Australian made movement. Described by industry peers as “the generator of industry stimulation” and “the most promising young environmental enterprise since Patagonia” Holloway are leading a niche collective of confident designer-manufacturers taking on the world, ethically and responsibly.

A visit to their enriching studio in the heart of West End proves anything and everything is possible; art, music, theatre, restorations, skating, exhibitions and culinary delights are all daily inclusions.

No boundaries, no fears and an unparalleled attention to detail makes this one soulcrafting pioneer to keep a close eye on.

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