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For the holloway stalkers with less pennies, this is for you...

The earth is an important place, in fact, it’s our only place. Knowing what’s required to protect our only place and enacting that change is only seperated by the right encouragement. At Holloway we’re creating a movement which is centred around encouraging that leap... Maybe you can help?

Like you, we aspire to be the greatest in everything we attempt.

In encountering like-minded individuals, we’re magnetically drawn, like moths to a flame because we recognise their drive and passion. These qualities in themselves make others look to listen and learn for their own wellbeing. Admiring those who have conquered great feats is no novel emotion, but using that influencal power to enact positive change is...

We’re asking you to consider an alignment to our movement where your influence will enact a positive change, geared to protect our only place, planet earth.

If you've been stalking us for a while and have little pennies, let us know, we think it's time you were rewarded...

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  • Love your work guys. Not only the incredible craftsmanship but also your long-term dedication to spreading the re-use/recycle word in an industry which only seems to be making a turnaround now! I’ve been stalking out your sunnies since coming across them in Peppermint mag many issues back. Chatting amongst friends about sustainable design and fashion choices, I raised the article and brand name and it turned out our dear friend Jai is a mate of yours from his Brissy days- small world! Love the ‘big change’ you are searching for in your little business- who knows, if I’m extra good I may get a pair of your frames for Christmas!
    Keep showing our planet the respect it deserves,

    • Megan Gale