Future Sustainability Rant


The existing sustainability model is inherently flawed...

We, not unlike the bower bird, are programmed to collect to impress and consume all which surrounds us. Instinctively we aquire “things” to help differentiate ourselves and populate our immediate environment with introduced elements reflecting our personality and desires. 

The current model for sustainable living has strongly discouraged this activity and provided substantiated reasons for adoption of responsible methodologies and anti-cunsumptive behaviour. However, this newfound knowledge of the destructive effects of our instictual behaviour has proven to be inadequate in permenantly detering our consumptive qualities.

We’ve engineered a new model which protects nature whilst still satisfying instinctual desires and basic human needs...

Holloway is focussed on incubating futuristic methodologies for the responsible construction of necesary personal products manufactured from materials destined for landfill. We only produce personal products which are life-necessary and in doing so reduce the impact of those who have gone before us.

We are fighters for anyone who is using a localised model, sourcing local materials, local labour and manufacturing to suit the local market first. At Holloway production is reduction and in harmony with nature we will continue to design earth created...

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