Pizzartist Launch

The place you can never get into just got better with the launch of 'Pizzartist'.

Sought-after Brisbane restaurant and design studio Holloway is expanding to welcome a new pizzeria into its varied repertoire from April 22.

Founders Raffaele Persichetti and Martin Gordon Brown said Pizzartist will fill a growing demand for Holloway cuisine, design items and experience. “For the last six months we've been turning away eager diners and folks have been struggling to get a table. We want to open the experience to greater numbers without compromising on quality,” Martin explains.

Holloway restaurant opened its doors in April 2014, offering...

Alloy Aboard


Introducing our latest Aluminium & Timber Series. Created for the Adventurer, the Creative and the Radical this is the beginning of Limitless possibilities. Inspired by our love for fabricating with reusable composites and our passions in Aviation & Sailing. 

Yesterday, we spent some time aboard our Friends 'Easy' Catamaran 'True Love' Australian Designed and Built. We spent most of the day scoping its performance and layout as we are planning to build a similar Coastal Cruiser. We also had the chance to take a few shots of these Latest Aluminium 'Moreno' Polarised Sunglasses, Ideal for the open...

Christmas Vouchers


What does home for Christmas mean to you? For me it's about connecting with the right people, generating good core energy for the fresh year, keeping the c card on the down low and spending responsibly on meaningful gifts. 

Indecisiveness shouldn't mean excess but in the consumption based economy stakeholders and credit-lenders drive pre-christmas hype to the extreme forcing excessive unconscious spending supporting often unexplored and unknown entities. 

Do yourself a favour this year and park a gift, with a researched organisation or company that is interested in you. 

Artist T Colab


Holloway has been fortunate enough to assemble a range of organic Ts featuring local and international artists. These Ts are to be short run manufactured and printed locally to promote agility and exclusivity in apparel through highly visible, street connected exhibitions. Each T can be further customised through Holloway.



Avril Jane Poulier is a keyline engraver and portrait artist in Noosa. Jane has worked as an artist engraver for the Reserve Bank of Australia and contributes regularly to the Moran and Archibald competitions. She tutors in the remote community of Titjikala and is mother...

Lost Movements 8


Holloway is working again with the Lost Movements collective to host the live artist collaboration party, feature #8. Lost movements is a multi-art event providing a platform for local Artists, Musicians, Performers and Writers to launch into audience collectively. Here's a snippet of the very first Lost Movements event, incubating at Holloway.

Lost Movements I from Link on Vimeo.